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We are changing how services from financial institutions are accessed by anyone, anytime and on any device.

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financial INCLUSION

We are breaking the mould that has always dictated the structure of financial inclusion. This is because emerging markets have the highest potential success stories that require credit to be actualized. At ZOA, our desire is that every viable dream that requires financing will be accomplished.

financial ACCESS

Brick and mortar will not effectively supply the credit demand that exists in the 21st century. We have created an infrastructure that can be reached by, therefore serving the needs of anyone, anywhere and anytime.

financial EDUCATION

To whom much is given, much is required. Therefore to whom credit is availed, he or she will also require knowledge of how and why to interact with credit in a specific way to facilitate a high success rate with both investor and borrower alike.

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Invest. Borrow. Earn

Earn up to 30% interest on your invested money in a year.

ZOAme is a peer-to-peer lending platform whose goal is increase access to credit facilities to anyone with a mobile phone. ZOAme is an online digital platform that connects anyone who has money to lend to anyone who wants money to borrow.
ZOAme brings the freedom to get a loan from anyone anytime. According to the 2016 sector statistics from the Communications Authority, Kenya now has over 90% mobile penetration. Also, according to Google’s Consumer Barometer, smartphone uptake in Kenya is now at 44% in 2016. Smart phone uptake in Africa is at 226 million (GSMA 2016).
Kenya and Africa is ripe for digital lending. PwC’s analysis indicates the P2P lending market could reach $150 billion or higher by 2025.

How ZOAme works

Anyone can register their details on the platform and begin lending and borrowing.


The lender receives a list of borrowers interested in getting money. The lender then reviews the credit analysis provided by the system and decides to lend or not to lend. When they decide to lend, the system automatically transfers money from the lenders account to the borrowers account. The lender also has the option of automating their lending by specifying criteria. Benefits of ZOAme to the lender is they get a pre-vetted list of credible borrowers whose ID and credit score have been checked. The lender is able to make decisions based on the Platform’s analysis. And approve borrowers.


The borrower requests for an amount of money and specifies the reason for the loan, duration of the loan (currently fixed to one month) and their preferred interest


Core banking for SACCOs & MFIs

A versatile system where members can interact with their institution anytime from their mobile phone

ZOAmicro is a B2B platform for Savings and Credit Cooperative Organizations (SACCOs), Micro Finance Institutions (MFIs), Credit Unions and other lending companies. They are reffered to as financial institutions. ZOAmicro seeks to make lending easier by digitizing Account registration with ID and credit verification & management, automating loan application, approval & repayments, Simplifying Savings and contribution collection and generating data analytics reports all online without the expense of installing hardware infrastructure.
ZOAmicro is also offered with a mobile based application as a benefit for use by the members. ZOAmicro’s platform will offer identification verification, Credit reference Bureau (CRB) checks and automated loan processing workflows to ensure the users are vetted on loan application and any potential risks are flagged.

ZOAmicro is Core banking + online banking + mobile banking

How ZOAmicro works

Once a financial institution is onboarded on ZOAMicro platform, the members download the FREE mobile app and are able to register for an account online at any time. They also make account deposits and contributions directly to their financial institution account. In addition, the members are able to apply for a loan at any time, select guarantors, get the loan approved digitally, and see the status of their loan at every step. With ZOAmicro the users will be able to transact paperless and branchless from anywhere at any time on their phone. The financial institution, will be able to approve member registration, approve loan applications through workflow processes, disburse loans, and track all loan repayments. Moreover, they will be able to generate reports and get data analytics on their members and loan performance.

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